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Come and see


for yourself!

Come and see


for yourself!


Organized in 1873 as the First Colored Baptist Church of Birmingham, Alabama. Sixteenth Street was the first black church in Birmingham. Initially, the congregation worshiped in a small building on the corner of 12th Street North and 4th Avenue and later moved to 3rd Avenue North between 19th and 20th Streets. In 1880 the congregation moved to its present location at 16th Street and 6th Avenue North. A modern brick building was erected in 1884 that established precedence for church building in the city.


Sunday, September 15, 1963, at 10:22 a.m., the church became known around the world when a bomb exploded, killing four young girls attending Sunday School and injuring more than 20 other members of the congregation. Later that same evening, in different parts of town, a black youth was killed by police and one was murdered by a mob of white men. It was a shocking, terrifying day in the history of Birmingham and a day that forced white leaders to further come to grips with the city’s bitter racist reputation.

We’re so happy that you’re interested in visiting 16th Street Baptist Church and experiencing our history and stories! We welcome youth and adults to schedule tours. Tickets are $5 for students 19 and under and $10 for adults. Please plan at least 1 hour to complete the tour. Tour Hours start at 10:00 am and the last tour starts at 3:00 pm Tuesday through Saturday. 

For groups of 30 or more or for special arrangements, please leave a voice message for tours at 205.251.9402 ext. 1005  or email 


If your schedule should change after purchasing tickets, please contact us immediately so we can make the necessary adjustments to accommodate your group.

If you are planning to visit other venues in the Birmingham Civil Rights District, each venue must be contacted individually if you did not use the services of the Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau. Venues can be contacted at:

If you have not contacted the Convention Bureau, please do so at 1-800-458-8085. They can supply you with additional information about other attractions in the City of Birmingham and assist with eating facilities and hotel accommodations.

For questions about our tours, or problems booking a tour, please send us a message. A staff member will get back to you as soon as possible!

Official U.S. Civil Rights Trail Book

Beyond the captivating photography, it’s the people and stories in the book that matter most. 

Churches, schools, homes and landmarks where brave Americans fought for a better life for future generations are the centerpiece of this book. Learn the courageous stories of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Diane Nash, John Lewis, Daisy Bates and many more.

For questions about our tours, or problems booking a tour, please send us a message. A staff member will get back to you as soon as possible!