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Funeral Requests

Church’s Responsibilities

The Pastor should be notified immediately to handle all inquiries and call from the family. A member of the Deacon Board will also be responsible for making contact with the family. While this is a sensitive and painful time for the family, the Deacon should handle all questions as delicately as possible. However, any special requests by the family must be approved by the Pastor’s office before implementation.

Family’s Responsibilities

Contact the church within a reasonable time if any of the following services are needed:

  • Music (choir, audio, & organist)
  • Ushers
  • Programs
  • Food preparation

Flowers & Resolutions

  • Resolutions & flowers should be sent to all members
  • Resolutions and/or flowers can be send to a non-member with a relative who is a member of SSBC
  • Other – send card


SSBC will supply a basic program. If the family wishes to supply their own program, the program must be:

  • Pleasing to the Lord and follow the guidelines of SSBC
  • Approved by the Pastor’s office
  • At the expense of the family

Please complete the form below and one of our Deacons will follow up with you shortly.