Our first A. I. M. (Asset. Influence. Mentor.) Women’s Ministry Noonday Bible Study met yesterday and it was electric! God showed up through our study through Psalm 119. Here is a recap of our study.

Psalm 119 is an acrostic poem of twenty-two stanzas, following the letters of the Hebrew alphabet; within a stanza, each verse begins with the same Hebrew letter.

We were able to make it through the first stanza, Aleph, and here is a glimpse of our study:

Understand that you are Blessed – v. 1 BLESSED!!!! He gives us grace – what we don’t deserve and extends mercy – not giving us what we do deserve – We are indeed blessed by God. We must first understand that blessings are not rewards – they are gifts given to us by God. We often think that because we do certain things that we are blessed as if our blessings are a by-product of our actions or behavior. No, blessings are gifts bestowed to us by a loving Father. They are not measures of who we are –but of who God is!

We must seek Him with our WHOLE heart – v. 2 Seek, Inquire for and of Him, and Crave Him – with the whole heart. We have to seek Him – get to know Him by learning of Him – Bible Study, Sunday School, daily reading AND meditation, Inquire of Him through prayer, and CRAVE Him! Craving him with our whole heart! Not just a temporary craving – when things are going wrong – or when we are in need or have lack – but with everything we have we want Him! Nothing else is as important – nothing else can stand in the way – Nothing else will satisfy.

We must determine to walk in His ways – v. 3 We must not willfully wander from His precepts – but rather walk in His ways. We’ve been called to walk worthy of our calling in Christ (Eph. 4:1-3) – we were called to lowliness and gentleness, longsuffering, bearing one another in love – that’s that putting up with one another despite our differences of behavior or opinion – going the extra mile to extend love it’s NOT easy– but it’s required. Endeavoring to keep unity and peace!

We must exercise diligence – v. 4 –We must observe God’s precepts diligently (thoroughly, attentively, meticulously) We must understand that we must do things HIS way – We have to deny ourselves and our desires and wants if we want God’s blessings to flow through our lives. We’ve got to actively pursue Him   God says that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. We can’t be sometimesy with God. We can’t put Him on a New Year’s resolution list – having an intimate relationship with God has to become a lifestyle!

We must continuously praise Him – v.7 We must praise Him – Praise is appropriate, praise is attractive, praise is comely to the saints – It is the proper response for everything. No matter what we are going through in our lives – no matter what the trials, issues, circumstances – praise will lead us toward the solution. When we praise God we are adoring Him for not only what He does but who He is. We are humbling ourselves or bringing ourselves out of the limelight to focus entirely on the awesomeness of God. How majestic He is – how loving, patient, and kind He is. How gracious He is – How he puts up with us and blesses us in spite of ourselves. When we praise Him we acknowledge that we are nothing without him – we give him homage, respect, reverence for loving us when we are so undeserving of that love –David said I will bless the Lord at all times His praise shall continually be in my mouth. David understood clearly his shortcomings – He knew he was messed up – He knew he was wretched before a Holy God and that his righteousness was filthy – but He blessed God because he recognized that God loved Him (agaped) Him in spite of his way

We hope you can join us next Monday as we continue our journey through Psalm 119!